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Revenue Breakthrough Strategy Session

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100% FREE no-obligation, no strings attached consultation ($997 value)

We’ll identify your next 2 steps that will add $20k-$100k/mo+  
without paid ads or complex funnels

What You'll Discover During Your Revenue Breakthrough Strategy Session

Unlimited Qualified Leads Without the Risk of Paid Ads

We’ll drill into your business to dissect the hidden levers you can pull to easily attract high quality, ready to buy clients from Joint-Ventures…and develop a fail-proof strategy to funnel partners straight onto your calendar.

Proven Method of Delivering New Clients To Your Door Step Month after Month 

We’ll personalize our highly effective, PURE JV process that will have your offers being promoted time and time again.

Become Irresistible to Promotional Partners and Clients (Even If You're New to JV'ing!)

We’ll go over our exclusive framework and help you create a thrilling proposal that will have partners & clients drooling.
(Even if you've never done this before!)

How to Craft the ‘Perfect Offer’…

We’ll go over our exclusive framework, ‘The Anatomy of The Perfect Offer’, and help you create a thrilling offer that will have your prospects drooling.
(You’ve NEVER heard anything like this).

How to close 60-70% of the prospects you talk to…

We’ll uncover how you can eliminate the fear and nasty guesswork from your sales calls and become a ruthlessly efficient closer.
(This is ESSENTIAL to your next stage of growth).

100% FREE no-obligation, no strings attached consultation ($997 value)

Praise From Our Clients

Our Private Clients Are ALREADY attracting 2-7 qualified JV Partners per week.
This is leading to $5K-$100K in monthly revenue… directly from Pure JV strategies.

Joe Polish

Michael Roderick

Karen Baines

David Newman

Katherine Dunn

Their results are undeniable… and could be yours!

WARNING: This is NOT a silver bullet. These sessions are designed to help established Coaches, Agencies and Course Creators design an additional reliable revenue source for their business. This will not work for those looking for a get rich quick scheme.

HOWEVER… if you are already helping people but simply not attracting enough qualified prospects or clients, then this IS for you.

100% FREE no-obligation, no strings attached consultation ($997 value)

Countless clients have already created $5K-$100K per month businesses using our process… and now we want to help you too.

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