The Three Day Workshop Fast Track to Business Growth 
Pure JV System
Scale Your Product with Zero Marketing Costs…
Finally... consistent cashflow!!
Revealed! The complete system for generating, 
tracking and closing leadsthrough JOINT VENTURES.  
Your direct path to exposure to new audiences, list growth, 
AND increased sales as an authority, with zero out-of-pocket expenses.

We finished 2019 just north of $600K, a 67% improvement over 2018, thanks in no small part 
to Charles’ good counsel.” - Art

Dear Friend,

If you want to quadruple your number of qualified leads and sales, while leaving your competitors boggled, this might be the most important mastermind you'll ever attend.

I've been doing Joint Ventures for several years now and can easily say they have been the number one reason for my rapid business growth. 

But it didn't come easy...

I started with no real list, just my professional contacts scraped from LinkedIn.

I had no connections and the idea of getting partners to JV with seemed completely out of reach.  The thought of getting people with lists of thousands to promote my product  FLOORED me - though it seemed I had no "in" to make it happen.   I remember literally jumping up and down the first time I had the opportunity to do it.

I wondered how the super connectors did it.  How did they know so many influential people??  How on earth could I reach them?  And why would they want to listen to me - a guy with no list or sales beyond a few pilot students.

If you are feeling at all like I did, you are in for a special frustration-saving treat...

Many entrepreneurs have products they offer to their own audience over and over.  The growth just isn't there.  They are hungry for a way to start scaling - both their list and sales at the same time.  

Perhaps you're one of them who KNOWS JVs are incredible but just don't know where to get started; how to reach out to people, what to say, what info potential partners may be looking for, how deals are structured, or who is responsible for what, or how are things technically setup on the backend?

Know this: YOU can grow your list, scale your product and start JVing NOW.  

How do I know?  I've done this.  All of it.  You absolutely can too.

Here's a little story for you...

In January, of 2016 I created my first online course using Danny Iny's Course Builder's Laboratory. Danny shortly thereafter asked me to be his Director of Partnerships booking all his joint ventures. 

Building on my Silicon Valley career with a background in tech and program management, I optimized and systematized the entire workflow

This has enabled me to CONSISTENTLY book 2-6 JV webinars a week and is my sole source of traffic.  I've coached many teaching them how to do the same - and now I'm here to teach you for two solid days - bringing in some of the best in the business to join me.

Let my experience and process enable YOU to hit the ground running - booking new partners AT Traffic and Conversion along with laying the ground work for many other deals by building relationships and getting JUST the right introductions.
Of the last five masterminds I've attended hosts have asked me to present on the topic. 

People have been coming out of the woodwork online requesting me to reveal my systems and secrets. This includes industry leading entrepreneurs, JV managers, and brokers.

Funnel Magazine is featuring me and my strategies in the next magazine...
Mike Filsaime
Founder of: Everwebinar, WebinarJam, and Kartra and GrooveKart
Alex Mandossian
Master Strategist, Publisher, Live Event Expert

Marisa Murgatroyd
CEO & Founder: Live Your Message
Jay Fiset
Founder of JVology.  JV & Mastermind Expert

Tamara Thompson
CEO/Founder/Owner: Serious Take Productions

Zach Benson
Founder: Assistagram #1 Instagram Marketing Agency
Alina Vincent
Founder: Business Success Edge

David Gonzalez
Founder of David Gonzalez Agency and the Internet Marketing Party
Danielle Weil
A-list copywriter working with greats like Danny Iny and Ryan Levesque

Ben Marcoux
Facebook Ads / Copy Writing
Coming soon

Don't take our word for it... Check out these testimonials:
Check Out How The Pure JV System Has Helped Others
Founder of the Genius Network.
Joe is one of the most connected and renown marketers in the world. He's on speed dial for friends like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Charles Byrd ;-) and more.

Mike Filsaime
Founder: Conversion Brands & Marketing Genesis. Online Marketing & JV Expert. SAS developer and provider of webinar services, WebinarJam & Everwebinar

Dan Kuschell
Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Breakthrough3X

David Gonzalez
Founder of the Internet Marketing Party, and David Gonzales Agency, managing 7 figure launches for industry leaders."

David Gonzales - Founder of:
Simply the Coolest JV Agency
Internet Marketing Party
Are You Ready To Form Pure JV Partnerships That Actually Work?
Are You Ready To Form Pure JV Partnerships That Actually Work?
Module 1: Introduction
Let’s get down to business. This is an introduction to internet marketing basics and setting up your ClickFunnels account with the proper tools and integrations. Tech adverse people, have no fear. You will not be left behind.
Module 2: Lead Generation Funnel
Step-by- step how to design, build, and utilize a lead generation funnel for ANY business whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or Internet based. Learn how to attract your ideal clients to get top dollar for your products and services.
Module 3: Webinar Funnel
Step-by- step how to design, build, and utilize BOTH a live webinar funnel and an evergreen webinar instruction on when to use these types of funnels so that you can build crazed fans, and automate this powerful selling tool.
Module 4: Sales Funnel 1
Step-by- step how to design, build, and utilize a BASIC sales funnel, including payment processor set up and integration so that you can get paid for all your hard work.
Module 5: Sales Funnel 2
Step-by- step how to design, build, and utilize a more complex sales funnel, complete with an order bump, an upsell, and a downsell. Learn to increase total cart-value, and identify total lifetime value of your customers.
March 28 - 30, 2020

Three days prior to the Traffic & Conversion

At A Private Mediterranean Villa
La Mesa, California (15 min. from downtown San Diego)
The timing could not be more perfect... on the cusp of each of these industry-wide 'live' events, you will be poised to close 
Pure JV deals that will solidify your 2020 and take your business to a whole new level.  Being a recognized productivity and 
joint venture expert with a deep network enables me to help people no matter the level of their business. 

 What if I did the same for you?  In fact, what if I took things WAY further...  And took you with me "behind the scenes" on 
how to benefit from JVs in your own business

What if I showed you how to build JV relationships and manage them?  Revealing the common JV structures and who is responsible for what... And every detail of the back-end setup. Enabling significant growth for your product and company in 2020

Discounts available if you'd like to bring your business partner or team members.

This workshop is for you if:
  •  You're an entrepreneur with products you offer to you own list or Facebook but haven’t learned the art of scale through JVs
  •  You've just created a product and now need an avenue to gain an audience to grow your lists
  •  You're growing the evergreen side of your businesses through JVs who can send your JV managers to learn
  •   You’re a seasoned entrepreneur - strong in JVs;  you'd like to optimize your flow and new tricks to increase booking volume
Michelle Moreno

Kyle Gray
Ashley Preciado
Peter Anthony

Tonya Williams

Daven Michaels

DAY 1: Laying the Foundation
DAY 2: The Art & Science of JVs
DAY 3: Outside the Box: Expert Perspectives
What's covered?
  • Let’s Work Together: How to put deals together
  • ​Traffic & Conversion: How to find partners
  • ​Meet & Mingle: Your chance to network with like-minded experts
  • ​Outside the Box: What else you can do with partner promos
  • ​Expert Guest Speakers: Learn from the top marketers leading the industry
  • ​JV Collaboration: Schedule promotions with others in the room
  • ​The Internet Marketing Party - With the TOP marketers in the world
By the end of the the event, you will walk away with:
  • How to build strategic, lasting relationships
  • ​How to build your list FAST without any upfront costs
  • ​Exact tools needed to run successful partner promotions
  • ​Proven workflows designed to land 2-6 JVs a week
  • ​Learned habits that when followed will bring in consistent income
  • ​In-depth self-business evaluation
  • ​Joint Venture evaluation and customized partnership strategy
  • ​Your JV strategy reviewed by Charles & expert guest speakers
Ashley Sorenson
Affiliate Manager for Eben Pagan

Navid Moazzez
Creator of Virtual Summit Mastery

Roger Salam
Inspirational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Chairman and Founder of
"The Winner’s Circle"

• List growth in 16 months: Up 12000%  
• From 150 to 32,000 + Subscribers
Previous Speakers
Mike Filsaime
Founder: Conversion Brands & Marketing Genesis.
Online Marketing & JV Expert. SAS developer and provider of webinar services, WebinarJam & Everwebinar

Ron Reich
Veteran Internet marketer in multiple markets. Worked as Ryan Levesque’s marketing director for many years
Tom Morkes
Publisher, Author, Launch Strategist

Danielle Weil
A-list copywriter working with greats like Danny Iny and Ryan Levesque

Take a look at who will be joining us in SD:
Jay Fiset
Founder of:  Mastermind to
Millions, Momentum Mastermind, and JVology
David Gonzalez
Founder of:  Simply the Coolest JV Agency 
Internet Marketing Party
Caitlin Pyle
CEO: BCP Media, Inc., Proofread Anywhere
Founder: Proofread Anywhere
David Bayer
Entrepreneur, speaker, writer, seminar leader and certified personal development coach. David is the Creator of The Powerful Living Experience and The Higher Power System
Are You Ready To Form Pure JV Partnerships That Actually Work?
Are You Ready To Form Pure JV Partnerships That Actually Work?
Simply following the steps in this LIVE implementation workshop, you’ll be well on your way to getting more customers, students, or clients, than you can handle because most of your competition will NEVER know these secrets… let alone do anything with them. 

So take action TODAY... 
This growth spurred me hiring my first three employees in four months,  JUST to keep up with the demand!  Get ready for growth!

Can't wait? A digital version of this event is available.
P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... you're applying for Charles Byrd's 
PURE JV Workshop - which provides the blueprint for creating, managing, and sustaining Joint Ventures.
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