Relationships. Are. Everything.

The only Joint Venture (JV) Program that covers everything you need to know to take your ventures to new levels:

  • Relationship-building
  • ​Structuring lucrative JV deals
  • ​Getting an undeniable YES to a profitable JV 
  • ​Execute a JV promotion from A to Z, totally stress-free!

The failure-proof combination of precise "Know-How" and "Effortless-Systems" that will help you establish and manage countless profitable client and partner relationships...

Who you know

Create an unparalleled stream of qualified clients for your programs

What you know

Learn how to collaborate and create relationships with top-level industry leaders

How to do it

Discover a proven system of how to always get a YES to a lucrative Joint Venture deal

Insider knowledge unveiled for the FIRST TIME!
Everything in this program has only been shared previously with industry leaders!

Make Your Offer Irresistible

How to make sure your ideal clients simply CAN’T SAY NO to your offer.

Become a Human Lead Magnet 🧲 

How to develop lucrative relationships with JV partners.

Seal the Deal

How to structure the perfect deal with the right promotional strategies leading to tons of new clients.


Secure your first profitable deal and keep new ones coming over and over again.


What is your time worth to you?

Here’s what you get (and what it will do for you) when you join today:

Pure JV 12 Week Program Includes:

  • Course room access to 8 training modules with highly produced training videos released weekly, covering all key JV and offer design topic areas
  • Weekly, implementation focused homework assignments
  • ​JV templates across all applicable topic areas, workflow and call flow diagrams and additional resources
  • ​4 weeks of additional implementation time following week 8 with access to our expert program coaches
  • ​Pure JV Facebook group access to get answers to your questions, connect with other members and line up potential JV partnerships
  • ​Weekly program email summary with applicable links and information to keep you on track

Pure JV Team Consultation and Support: 

  • Business strategy review session with Charles Byrd to choose your primary and secondary JV tracks
  • Irresistible Offer design and Mindset session with Bill Baren to make your offer red hot and drive up your conversions significantly
  • ​(3) JV Implementation strategy sessions with expert coach, Sanjay Gunatillaka
  • ​(2) Frictionless systems tech configuration and training sessions with expert coach, Donovan Byrd


Full Pay Bonus - “Done for You” Tech

Our team will set up your systems to create profitable JV Deals in a breeze.
(Value: Priceless)

Decision Maker Bonus -- The Secrets to Creating Relationships with Big Players.

The complete guide that will become the bridge between you and your ideal JV partners.
(Value: $2000)

Tech and Systems Simplified

Everything you need to know to execute a profitable JV promotion broken down into easily actionable steps.
(Value: $997)

Overcome Your Fears and Doubts with Bill Baren

Transform anything that's standing in your way of making your Joint Venture deal.
(Value: $997)

Million Dollar Money Mindsets with Bill Baren

Uplevel your Relationship with Money
(Value: $997)


Join a virtual room with the best JV Masters in the world, and other potential JV Partners and leave the experience with a JV Deal or two… or maybe a dozen.
(Value: $5000)

“We finished 2019 just north of $600K, a 67% improvement over 2018, thanks in no small part to Charles’s good counsel.”  ~Art


#1: PURE JV On-Demand Course

The tools, workflows, and habits that make booking JV promotions as hassle-free as possible.

(Sold at $2,000 - INCLUDED)

#2:  Zero-to-60 with Evernote On-Demand Course

Put your finger on anything you need in 5 seconds. This course will save you 144 hours a year (that’s over 18, 8-hour workdays).

(Sold at $400 - INCLUDED)


We believe in Pure JV so much that we are willing to put our necks on the line for it. When you have done all the work and implementation yet you are not able to land your first JV deal, we will gladly refund you the fee for the program. To make it even easier for you, we have extended the guarantee to up to a year of starting Pure JV.

See what others are saying about working with Charles and the Pure JV team.


Limited Time Offer $7,997

($4,394 Savings)

Item Price
3 payments of $2,985

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“If you’re considering working with Charles - Do it! He’s brilliant, he’s smart, he’s got a wicked sense of humor.
His programs rock! If you’re ever asked to do anything with Charles in terms of Joint Ventures, you should do it because he takes care of people and he does it stunningly well."

- Jay Fiset
Founder and CEO at Jay Fiset & JVology


"When it comes to productivity, the person who's helped me personally and my team is Charles Byrd... He's an expert about how to think through all the data inputs, relationships, contacts & how to use existing tools in powerful ways. If you're a little overwhelmed or a lot,  trying to build a business, managing multiple people, you can learn some effective strategies from Charles. He's a great guy who really cares."

- Joe Polish
Founder Genius Network®


 "I was able to generate almost three times as much on my launch as I had on previous launches. And how was I able to do it? I implemented Charles's JV partner process. He made it super easy and simple. In less than two weeks, I signed up 11 JV partners to promote my program.  If you're thinking about implementing JV partners, then I want you to run, not walk... to this program.
 I promise you won't regret it."

- Kat Dunn
The Course Builder

Connection = Opportunity

There’s no easier way to add 3, 5, 10, or MORE new clients to your business at once.
Enroll in the Pure JV Implementation Program today and find out how to make this happen.

High Value Relationships. 
Leading to...

Dependable Revenue From ENDLESS Qualified Leads

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